6 September 2008

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Kota Belud District

Kota Belud is the hometown of the Bajau ‘cowboys’ who are Sabah’s very own horsemen. This Sabahan native group is famed for rearing and handling of horses.
The quaint and lively little town affectionately addressed by the locals as KB is also home to Sabah’s most vibrant and illustrious weekly ‘tamu’ market. The word ‘tamu’ means “meeting place”; up to this day it is very much a place where traders from the surrounding areas come together both for trading purposes and to discuss the latest events.

Visitors of the Kota Belud district will find many of Sabah’s handicrafts here, muddled up with betel nut stalls, vegetables, dried and fresh fish, sarongs, pots and pans, and Taiwan-made electrical items.

How To go There
The best day for a visit to the Kota Belud tamu is on Sunday. Kota Belud is only a little over an hour’s drive away from Kota Kinabalu. Visitors can either take a bus, rent a taxi, or rent a car/motorbike for a visit to Kota Belud.

Information regarding the public transportations to Kota Belud district is as follows:


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