11 March 2008

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Where is Limbang?

The questions is Where is Limbang?Many of tourist ask questions to know this small town or city in Sarawak Division. Limbang Division is located in the North-Eastern Region of Sarawak sharing the border with Miri, Brunei, Indonesia, Sabah and Labuan. Administratively, Limbang division consists of Limbang and Lawas district. It cover an area of approximately 7790 square km. Limbang and Lawas township are two key regional and district service centers. Other small service centers are located in the coastal plain and hinterland.

Geographically, the relief of the division can be classified into coastal alluvial plain, the central undulating low land and rugged forested hinterland highland. The three main rivers in the division are Sg.Limbang, Sg. Lawas and Sg. Trusan with their tributaries, which formed the important made of transport and communication for the population in the division.

Currently, the division is having the population of 75,000 persons. The major ethnic groups are Melayu/Kedayan, Cina, Lun Bawang and Bisaya. Logging, small holding agriculture, commercial plantation and commerce are the main economic activities in the division. Even though, Limbang has a small-based and sparsely scattered population, the purchasing power remains relatively strong especially in Limbang town due to the presence of Bruneians.

How go to Limbang?

There are two ways go to Limbang. You can use by air or road. If you use by air, maswings will provides this transportation. You have to use twin otter or foker plane type. If you use road what you needs is passport because you need to bypass on brunei border go to Limbang border.


Zawi said...

I once travelled by road from Miri to Bandar Seri Begawan with my son who once worked in Miri. We crossed a river where there were people selling large udang galah. Since I was on my way to Brunei, I was unable to buy the udang galah since we would have taken too much time to reach home later.
Was it anywhere in Limbang that this fresh water lobsters were found?

Borneo Tourism said...

hi zawi,limbang does not sale lobster but only udang galah....you can buy udang galah at pasar tamu limbang or you can find it on your way go to temburung...you will see at the side road there sale udang galah,lokan,black crab (ketam Hitam) or fruit and so on.this time udang galah is go on sale in limbang....

thanks for visit borneo tourism

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