20 May 2008

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Sarawak Secondly Home Programme

East Malaysia or Sarawak secondly Home Programme represents advertised of the Government from Malaysia to allow people of entirely across the worldwide who meet definite criteria, to stay in Malaysia as far since conceivable with a sociable visit authorize on an aggregate debut visa. The sociable Visit authorize is initially for a period frequently (10) years (dependent on the validness from the applicants’ pass) and is renewable.

Sarawak secondly place Programme are hospitable whole citizens of countries accepted of Malaysia regardless of race, religion, sex or age. Applicants is allowed to bring in on their partner and kids (under 18 years old who's not married).

These programme is originated coordinated and established by the Malaysian Government. It's, accordingly, a program, that the Government wish continuously work out to assure to them success.

We have piled up some valuable fact concerning Malaysia My Second Home Programme for our network Visitors.

In sarawak there are many interesting destination to discover such as

National Parks
Bako National Park
Gunung Mulu National Park
Niah National Park
Lambir Hills National Park
Similajau National Park
Gunung Gading National Park
Kubah National Park
Batang Ai National Park
Laogan Bunut National Park
Tanjung Datu National Park
Talang-Satang National Park
Bukit Tiban National Park
Meludam National Park
Rajang Mangroves National Park
Gunung Buda National Park

Wildlife Centres
Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Matang Wildlife Centre
Pulau Tukong Ara-Banun

Nature Reserves
Wind Cave Nature Reserve
Sama Jaya Nature Reserve
Semenggoh Nature Reserve

Knows more about this program such as

Incentives,Terms and conditions,Appilcaiton Procedure and so on check out mudtour


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