15 July 2008

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American Tourists Robbed Cashier Supermarket

Two foreigners, said to be Americans, allegedly stole money from a 22-year-old cashier at a supermarket in Tabuan Jaya,Kuching Sarawak.

In the 7.15pm Saturday incident, the victim (cashier) claimed that a white male and female approached her at the counter, telling her that they wanted to exchange their currency for bigger ringgit notes.They said they were curious about the look of the highest denomination of the ringgit.

The cashier said she politely declined to accede to their request, telling them that it was against the rules and regulations of her job to exchange money with customers.The ‘tourists’ however insisted on just having a ‘peek’ at the money.Tired of their insistence and thinking that if she just accommodated them a bit they would go away, the cashier said she opened the cash box and showed it to the couple.The female foreigner grabbed a RM50 note and acted like she was really looking at it.

They then asked to have a look at other notes but the cashier, this time, refused to let them.The ‘tourists’ then pretended to talk to each other, diverting the cashier’s attention.When she ‘came to’, she realised that the tourists have gone and so too were more than RM1,000 from the cash box.The horrified cashier lodged a report at Simpang Tiga police station at 10.30am.
The police are investigating.


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