19 June 2008

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Catch the Jazz Festival at 1Borneo on Saturday

The 2nd KK Jazz Festival will be held at the newly-opened 1Borneo Hypermall on Saturday.From 6pm to midnight that evening, audiences can look forward to a thrilling night with fantastic performances by a range of talented musicians, such as SIA Jazz Syndicate, Gravity, Ian Baxter and Friends, Jazzmatazz, Greg Lyons, the ASEANA Percussion Unit, Xion Gi, and Paul Ponnudurai.

The SIA Jazz Syndicate is made up of students from Sabah Institute of Art, who was the 2nd runner up in the Jimmy Boyle’s Young Jazz Band competition held in Penang back in 2007.

Ian Baxter and Friends are a veteran 5-piece band who delivers melodic sounds. A new generation of young musicians, Gravity, is an 8-piece band from Kota Kinabalu.

Jazzmatazz is the new band formed by Asif, the former Son-2-nos band leader who played at last year’s festival.

The ASEANA Percussion Unit will wow fans with their fusion of sounds created by various instruments from different cultures.

British born Greg Lyons will be serenading the crowd with his saxophone; Xion Gi will play his Brazilian-influenced music whereas Paul Ponnudurai is the one-man band.

The KK Jazz Festival is sponsored by 1Borneo and is organised by the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu and the Society for Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu Sabah (SPArKS), and supported by Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (DBKK).

Organising Chairman, Frankie Fu of the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu explained that proceeds from the Jazz Fest will be used to finance the club’s various community projects, such as the Avoidable Blindness programme, a free medical camp in outlying villages, a 12km water gravity project at Kg Teringai Laut, Matunggong, and a $30,000 building extension for the Sabah Centre of the National Stroke Association of Malaysia at Mile 2, Jalan Tuaran.

Meanwhile, SPArks president and co-organising chairman, Datuk Adeline Leong said the KK Theatre Group will hold the Street Theatre show at 1Borneo from 1pm to 4pm on June 29.

Tickets to the festival are priced at $50 and $100 and can be obtained from all Coffee Bean outlets. For enquiries, call Sri Pelancongan at 088-232121. Tickets will also be on sale on Saturday at 1Borneo.

(Source: New Sabah Times, 18 Jun 2008)


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