4 June 2008

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Pesta Rumbia (Sago Fest)

A good way to spend your weekend getaway this 4th – 6th of July is by making your way to Kuala Penyu for the 18th Sago Palm Festival, also known as Pesta Rumbia.

It is during this two-day festivity that the local Kuala Penyu community pays homage to and celebrates the sago palm for its many uses – the sago palms have played an essential part in the lives of the locals for many generations. Here, visitors will get a sneak peek on how sago trees and the palms are processed and utilized creatively to serve many needs – as rooftops, handicrafts and local treats.

Sago palms can be found growing copiously in the southwestern coast of Sabah; specifically in the districts of Kuala Penyu, Beaufort and Papar. The sago palm is unique in terms of its versatility – its leaves can be made into house building and roofing materials, and its trunk can be processed into sago flour and made into a smorgasbord of delicacies. The ambuyat, which has a starch-like appearance is popular among the Dusun Tatana and Bisaya communities - it is normally eaten together with fish and vegetables. Apart from that, the sago trunk also acts as a host for the edible sago larvae which is locally known as the butod.

Visitors should also expect to enjoy a myriad other interesting events such as traditional games, singing contests, as well as the highlight of the Pesta Rumbia celebration – the crowning of the Pesta Rumbia Beauty Queen. For more enlightenment regarding the Pesta Rumbia, drop by the Rumbia Information Centre at Kampung Kasugira in Kuala Penyu. A visit to the Pesta Rumbia celebration will not only serve as an educational excursion, it also gives visitors the opportunity to savor the lavish array of tantalizing local foods and fruits.

Situated only two hours away by road from Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Penyu is just an hour’s boat ride away from Pulau Tiga – the famed Survivor island, the serenely beautiful Tempurung Resort, and the Klias Wetlands – home of some exotic species of monkeys as well as many other wildlife.

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